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Mobile applications are now essential in every human life in the digital world. Apps are solutions at the fingertips from ordering food to managing finances. Android is one of the most popular platforms in the market right now, due to the sheer number of users that it has and its open ecosystem. It resulted in the increased drive for Android app development services to enable businesses to develop easy-to-use and interactive applications for their customers, so Webrisen has an expert team of developers. In this article, we discuss why businesses use Android app development and discuss benefits and features.

What is Android application development?

Android application development can be simply defined as the process of making applications for the devices that use the Android system. This includes the formation of the idea and the architectural drawing as well as the actual writing of code compilation and even the integration and execution of the codes. As it was mentioned, Android occupies the vast majority of the mobile market, and it makes the development of apps for this platform one of the significant factors in the tech market.

Key Services in Android App Development

Here, it is necessary to identify that Android application development includes a broad range of services that can address the requirements of various companies. Here are some of the essential services offered: Here are some of the essential services offered:

1. Custom Android App Development

Custom app development is a necessity that entails the development and establishment of applications that are tailored for the exclusive usage of an organization.

Capturing the details from the client as well as identifying his/her goals to create the vision of the app. Designing the look and feel of the applications and frameworks with a smooth user interface and experience and establishing efficient back-end engineering. We first validate all the features of the app to ensure that the app is bug-free then upload the app on the Google Play Store.

2. Enterprise App Development

The applications in the enterprise mobile application are aimed to enhance workflow and efficiency. Secure Data Management and Integration with Existing Systems having the ability to easily connect and synchronize with third-party systems such as crms and erps. The plan for scalability and new functions that can be added to the app’s structure.

3. E-commerce App Development

Technically, e-commerce applications empowers the purchasing, payment, and sale of goods. The need to design a user-friendly shopping environment. Secure Payment Gateway Integration guaranteeing your security while embarking on smooth transactions. Enabling them to monitor their orders through real-time tracking.

4. App Maintenance and Support

After the launch, utilizing apps needs constant updating and other maintenance processes to run efficiently. More to address any problems, bug fixes or challenges that may arise after the implementation process. Adopting refinement strategies such as incorporating new features depending on the feedback received from the users and the available advanced technologies in the market. Practicing adequate performance on as many devices and OS versions as possible, including all Apple iOS versions up to the latest.

Why Should Businesses Choose Android App Development?

In light of the above factors, it is now important to know why businesses should opt for Android app development.

Shipment numbers remained consistent and android remained the dominant mobile operating system in the global market in the second quarter of 2023, holding a 70% market share. 8 percent.

For businesses seeking to develop mobile apps; such a large and ever-expanding market must indeed be fascinating to ignore and therefore Android is a natural option. First of all, Android devices are cheaper on average than iOS devices – this means that the potential audience of the application is much greater.

Also, android has a relatively less steep app development learning curve than other mobile platforms which lets you launch your app quickly and without much leakage.

From a development point of view therefore if you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business it is wise to go the Android way.

If you don’t want to professionally make an Android application, then I will recommend hiring a Webrisen Android app developer who is doing his job at a reputed Android app development company. Thus, you will have a good chance of receiving multiple high-quality applications in a short period.

Benefits of Android app development

Now, talking about all the individuals who are gearing up for mobile app development, they must be ready to know that there are numerous platforms on the go. But out of all of them, Android has found its place since it is mostly considered one of the most secure and easy platforms.

This is why owning an Android smartphone is a great idea and one of the best platforms for developing mobile apps.

Faster Deployment

On Android, for instance, the process of deploying an app is much faster compared to the deployment on other platforms. The rationale behind it is that Android applications are constructed in Java and numerous tools exist for the construction of Java. In addition, if you have already built a Java application, it is going to be a lot simpler to build an Android app.

Enhanced Security

Android applications are safe and cannot get infected and this can be attributed to its open source nature. The reason behind it is that all the Android apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store alone and not from any other source.

Therefore, there will never be a virus or even malware that can corrupt your application. Therefore, with Android app development being secure, you do not have to start worrying about its exploits or of it being hacked one day.


Indeed, the reason why Android is famous is mainly because the feature innovation of customizability is superb. Android OS has been developed with provisions for customization and alteration depending on the tastes of the users. Android also enjoys a lot of freedom when it comes to developing an app since any rules or policies regulating the market do not apply to them.

This feature is important in aiding the developers to design an application that will fit your business model, hence improving its effectiveness and consequent appeal to the target clients and customers and thus improving your chances of getting back the amount that you invested in the application.

However, you can contact the remarkable Android app development agency to create the most successful Android application for your business.

Target Multiple Platforms

The major strength that I have noticed about Android is its versatility; the operating system runs on various platforms. Whether you want to create an application on Windows, Mac or Linux, Android will enable you to meet this need.

Android has this advantage because developers are favored since they are not compelled to write a set of codes for a particular platform. It is also versatile because the same code can be initiated for all the Operating Systems and cuts across time and effort.

High return on investment

Thus Android is known to have a lot of pull since it is among the leading mobile operating systems at present. This simply indicates that there are many apps available in the Android market making it easier for you if you want to advertise your app.

It also increases the attainability of profitability in Android software development than on other platforms by lowering the costs of investment. Since millions of people are actively and frequently using apps for Android, the investment in such applications will pay off with a considerably higher rate of return and fewer expenses.

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Trends in Android App Development

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The use of AI and ML in Android applications can involve accruing features in an application to include recommended sections, voice call recognition, and bots.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Designing applications capable of regulating IoT objects and managing them in one way or another, offering unprecedented ideas related to such spheres as Smart Home and Healthcare, for instance.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Employing AR and VR as tools in making a dynamic user interface of gaming, educational, and retailing aspects.

4. Blockchain

Using the aspect of blockchain for security in its implementation and the achievement of transparency in the occurrence of the transactions.

5. 5G Technology

Taking advantage of the opportunities that come with the advanced capabilities of 5G networks to design or redesign apps that allow for the fast upload and download of data, low data latency, or increased connection.


Mobile application development for Android OS is an exciting and rapidly growing discipline that holds great responsibility in the context of the mobile app market. This means that Webrisen responds to clients’ needs, innovates, and uses new technologies, businesses, and developers know how apps are developed and what tools to apply while focusing on the trends that are important to create good, functional, and interesting applications for as many people as possible. Whether one wants to create a basic calculator app, or an extensive business-level application, Webrisen  Android app developers open up such a broad range of opportunities.

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