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Web development is an ever-changing and evolving industry that is the foundation of the World Wide Web today. Discover how web development closes the gap between an idea and a fully functional online space; from simple blogs and portfolio sites to e-commerce platforms and web applications. To make it easier for you to understand what web development is and the different aspects involved in this stream of computer technology, here Webrisen.com gives you a brief guide to assist you in your learning process.

What is web development?

Web development refers to the creation of websites and applications by Internet standards or else a restricted data network known as an intranet. Web developers put into operation all the things that qualify a site for design: how it is going to be laid down and what aspects of the site will be responsive. It may range from the basic simple web pages and only just a page up to social networks and applications, various Internet shops, and, for example, content management systems – such as WordPress. There are three different types of web development:

  1. The Frontend
  2. The Backend,
  3. Database Technologies

Front-end development, sometimes referred to as client-side scripting, includes all the features of a site that are visible to the users. For instance, layout, font, color, menus, and even contact forms are all in the front end.

Backend refers to the other side of development; also termed as the server-side scripting part of any development. Every time you perform some action; let’s say, completing a form and hitting the button ‘submit’, the frontend informs the backend about the action. The backend replies by transmitting the necessary information to the frontend such as the code to present a message.

The third layer is database technology. In simple terms, the database is a facility that holds all the files and content that is required for a website and organizes it in such a manner that it can be easily retrieved, modified, or saved.

These include the frontend, the backend, and the database technology which are used to construct and operate a functional and complete website or application. These three layers, then are the basis of web development. Our Webrisen.com has a great team to give you web development services with your requirements.

What does a web developer do?

In its very basic sense, web developers have the general role of designing and implementing websites and applications. This includes coding as well as debugging which is the process of finding and solving problems in computer programs besides working closely with other important teams and designers to ensure that what they are creating will benefit the company as well as the end user. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that while the web developer’s function is relatively similar no matter the specialty, they can either work on the frontend, backend, or both.

Frontend developers script/program all the visible features of a website (as in what the user sees). These consist of designs for the website/program created by the design team and translated into real programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and of course CSS. This entails coding the format of the site, buttons and scroll bars, images, button color, and forms—any graphical feature of a website. They also have to perform usability testing and correct any errors noted in the process.

Backend developers are those that work on the core of the application that is behind the frontend while frontend developers are those who create the actual interfaces seen by the users. In simplest terms, backend developers create the code that makes sure that any creation a frontend developer creates works properly.

Some of the common backend development activities are the development of the database, integration and management, development of applications with frameworks, development and deployment of content management systems, etc. Again like the front-end developers the back-end developers are also expected to test and debug the code.

Web developers usually are also known as full-stack developers since they work both at the front and back end. Common duties involve writing applications for frontend and backend concerning languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and JavaScript, coming up with and finding defects in queries concerning databases, and generally being in charge of projects touching on web development.

Simply put, web developers are the technicians of the World Wide Web architecting all sorts of components that construct a fully functional website or application.

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Web Development Tools Used by Webrisen

Web developers often apply numerous tools and technologies in a work process, with languages, libraries, and frameworks being the most common ones.


Languages are the constructs of Internet tools utilized for developing websites, applications, and programs. There are various classifications of languages depending on certain criteria each fulfilling a certain purpose.

A programming language is a collection or a series of instructions or commands given to a computer to the desired output. These languages are used by web developers to write a script that drives websites, applications, and software. These include Java, python, c, PHP, and ruby, etc.

Markup languages are used to describe how the specific elements of a text document should look—say, making one sentence bold in the browsing window. HTML and XML have been widely used among all the languages mentioned.

The stylesheet languages are used to define the styles for documents written in marks-up languages. Therefore, in case you have the document written in plain HTML, you can use a style sheet language to enhance the document colors, the font type as well as the introduction of backgrounds and borders. Cascading Style Sheets abbreviated as CSS is currently the most popular style sheet language.

Database languages are used in the process of formation and functioning of the databases. Most databases used in organizations today are relational databases, and SQL is the standard language for accessing and querying them.


Web development is a very fulfilling profession and it is never boring because there is always something new to learn and explore. Whether you are fascinated by the aesthetic side of developing the graphical user interface or the abstract side of developing the back end or if you are one of those persons who want to develop both the front and the back end of a web application, there is room in the world of web development for you. Through practice of these skills and more, and being informed of the current trends, one can develop mind-blowing web experiences that affect users globally. Are you ready to design a website with Webrisen.com? Explore tutorials, attend or create developer groups, and begin to build your projects now. Our web team is waiting for you and your creative and innovative ideas!

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